American Legion District 3

DEPARTMENT OF MICHIGAN “The Michigan Legionnaire” Chaplain’s Article
On June 11th, I moved to the Upper Pennisula, DeTour Village, and became officially a YOOPER!
Serving as the pastor, of a Christian Church, I met many interesting people living in the area, including
a veteran in the Navy. He retired as Captain and had many sailors he was responsible for. I asked him if
he had a Chaplain, and very enthusiastically he shared about his chaplain who related very well to his
men. He was very much loved by all who knew him. Chaplains in the military have served with integrity and
excellence and respect and honor. I know there are many difficult times especially when on the battlefields and
giving “last rites and consoling words to a dying soldier. Some have returned with PTSD symptoms.
Through the years, chaplains have become life long comrades to me. Today, we have many wonderful chaplains
serving in posts, districts, department and national. They too are life long friends and comrades.
Some have called me asking for advice. I have watched some who have dedicated many long hours in serving our veterans.
Some have done extra training to become better. Prayers given must be generic to serve all faiths, jewish, catholic,
protestant, and muslim. This is very hard to do for some because of the criticisms given by the audience.
Thank you for your dedication and to be all that you can be to all people!
As we look forward to our future, lets work together to bring in new chaplains to our posts, districts
and department. There are many resources, handbooks, and guides for chaplains. There are training
sessions now! But nothing beats being a mentor chaplain, and can say.
. . it’s your turn to be our Post Chaplain! Welcome, comrade! I started when I was still an Active
Duty Chaplain at Selfridge Air National Base, 30 years ago, and loved it beyond any words could describe. Amen.