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VA Building 6, Room 104, Augusta, Michigan

Fort Custer Post No. 257- Home of the 3rd District

                                            American Legion Online Membership Renewal

Effective- July 1, 2015-

The online renewal for your 2015-2016 membership is now faster and easier than ever, and went into effect on July 1, 2011. Members may immediately receive a printed card that can be later turned in to their Post Membership Chairperson. Within seconds after you place your online order you receive a card similar to the regular one you carry throughout the year. This card has your membership number, Post, and years of consecutive membership already printed. You may exchange the card for the regular printed membership card at any time when you come into your Post, or it can be mailed. Become an "Early Bird" as I did, and help your Post obtain their 100% by November 1st.

It worked great for me when I renewed online for my own membership at Post No. 257. If members would like to make a comment about the process, please drop me an email, and we'll post your remarks and opinions on the process.

Bob Berger, 3rd District Commander 


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