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VA Building 6, Room 104, Augusta, Michigan

Fort Custer Post No. 257- Home of the 3rd District

                                                       Newly Elected 3rd District Officers, 2015-2016

Our District website was unveiled in July 2011 through the efforts of Jim Carlin, the 3rd District Commander at the time.  His vision and mine as your current District Commander is that it will be of great value to not only the District, but all our Posts. It will provide resource information on Posts, Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion, and American Legion Riders. If a Post in our 3rd District has a website, we will include links to it in order for members to see what is going on in their area. Take a few minutes to check it out, and encourage a friend or relative who may be a veteran, to join a Post in their community.

District 3 is comprised of 24 active Posts in 5 counties in Southwest Michigan. They include; Post No. 15, Post No. 36, Post No. 42, Post No. 48, Post No. 52, Post No. 53, Post No. 54, Post No. 55, Post No. 79, Post No. 118,  Post No. 156, Post No. 157, Post No. 195, Post No. 196, Post No. 207, Post No. 222, Post No. 257, Post No. 259, Post No. 272, Post No. 280, Post No. 298, Post No. 360, Post No. 465, & Post No. 475.

The following are the newly elected/appointed 3rd District Officers for 2015-2017 (Election held on May 3, 2016):

Commander: Bob Berger (Fort Custer Post 257)- Augusta, Michigan- PO Box 250, Climax, Michigan 49034-0250- Tel- 269.832.0652- Email-

1st Vice Commander: John Martin (Fort Custer Post 257)- Augusta, Michigan- 11912 Lilac Lane, Dowling, Michigan 49050- Tel- 269.580.1974- Email-

2nd Vice Commander: Dan Osbourne (Grand Ledge Post-48 )- Grand Ledge, Michigan- 5370 Shaftsburg Road, Williamston, Michigan 48895- Tel- 517.927.9710- Email-

Adjutant: Sheila Saunders, (Battle Creek, Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298)- Res- 39 Hannah Street, Battle Creek, Michigan 49014- Tel- 269.589.7411- Email-

Finance Officer: Dave Riley (Battle Creek, Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298)- 3202 Strickland Road, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017- Tel- 269.721.3826- Email-

Chaplain: Jack Post (Kalamazoo, Joseph B. Westnedge Post No. 36)- Res- 1504 Howland Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001- Tel- 269.344-3328 (Cell) 269.370-1970

Sergeant-at-Arms: Duane C. Miller (Grand Ledge, Cole-Briggs Post No. 48)- 731 Clinton Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837- Tel- 517.256.0298- Email-

Judge Advocate:  Cliff Rose (Climax-Scotts Post No. 465)- 1050 H Drive South, East Leroy, Michigan 49051- Tel- 269.9793612

Service Officer: Charles "Chuck" Savage (Albion Post 55)- 1230 Edwards Street, Albion, Michigan 49224- Tel- 248.631.7578

Historian: Neal "Jim" Sleeper, (Albion Post 55)- 904 Irwin Avenue, Albion, Michigan 49224. Tel- 517.630.0089- Email-


Branch County Commander-  Ralph Gottschalk (Union City Post 196) Tel- 517.741.7681- Email-

Calhoun County Commander- Vacant (Post ???)- 

Eaton County Commander- Ron Petty (Post 280)

Hillsdale County Commander-

Kalamazoo County Commander-

New Zone 2 Commander (2015-2016 term): Barry Wood (4th District- Hastings Post 45)- Res- 811 N. Kelly Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058- Email- (Serving the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th District) 

2nd Zone Face Book Page;

2014-2015- Past 2nd Zone Commander- Jim Carlin, (Quincy Post 157)

2014-2015- Past District Commander- Jim Saur, (Kalamazoo Post 36)   

2012-2014- Past District Commander- Jim Carlin, (Battle Creek, Quincy Post 157)

The American Legion Department of Michigan-

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