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Department, of, Michigan

3rd District Association

January 5, 2020 District meeting @Post 52 (COLDWATER)

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January 5th 2020

Coldwater Post 52 hosted Meeting. Meeting called to order at 1300 hours by

Commander Miller.

After Salute, Pledge and Preamble

Prayer was led by Temp. Chaplain Charles Baker.

Roll Call: Present were Commander Duane Miller, 1st Vice Brian Mohlman, 2nd Vice Sonja Patrick,Treasurer Dave Riley,  Service Officer, Jerry Schmidt and Adjutant Jim Jennings.

Also present were the County Commanders: Branch Co. Ralph Gottshalk, Calhoun Co. Mike Yost, Kalamazoo Co. Jim Saur, Eaton Co. Ron Petty

Absent: Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Osborne,Chaplain Bob Berger, Judge Advocate Clifford Rose ,Historian Andrew Mohlman, and Hillsdale Co. Sidney Michael.

Posts Present and Number: 36-1,42-2 48-1, 54-1, 55-2, 79-4, 196-4, 207-2, 257-1, 280-1, 298-2, and
465-1. 12 Posts present, Quorum declared.

Copies of the Minutes of the November 3rd meeting were supplied. Motion by Post 79 to accept the
November 3rd, 2019 minutes as supplied. Seconded by Post 257 and Carried.

Dave Riley gave the Financial Report. He said he wrote 2 checks. One to Wilwin for $500.00 as per Last
meeting Motion. Also he wrote a check to Jim Saur. Balance in account is $5676.--. Dave passed out the
yearly notices to all posts present and will mail those not present.

Motion by Post 257 to forgive the yearly notice of Post 118’s of $16.00. Supported by Post 79 and

Jerry Schmidt of Southwest Michigan Relief Fund Applications are on Facebook. Call 269-224-3993
Chuck Baker from Post 79 reports there is in Calhoun County Emergency funding for Vets in need.
County Reports were given. Details are on 3rd District web Page in about a week.

FYI: Remember-A-Vet (Battle Creek Enquirer) program is being run by BCVA. Building 10, 269-223-
5497, Todd Greenman.

Sonja Patrick reports about the Kalamazoo Art Fair.

Duane Miller gives a reminder to posts in district that have not registered into

Unfinished Business

By-Laws: Copies were passed out at last meeting to study.

Sonja Patrick has concern that maybe the By-Laws should have a provision for liaisons for the Riders
and SAL.

Motion by Post 79 to adopt the By-Laws presented by the Committee in November 2019. Supported by
Post 280
. Carried.

Brian Mohlman hands out to each post that is there a list of all the Post225 members in a 20 mile
radius of each post.

Redistricting and rezoning: Options 1 and 2. February Winter Conference will decide on which option
to present at the convention in June. Post 280 Motions that the Commander is to Vote his choice. The
Motion is supported by Post 79 and Carried.

FYI: CPR is active again so adjutants start imputing info into. Remember, you can update as you go.

New Business
Motion by Post 298 to move a Cobra & a Tank to Post 298 from Onondaga. Supported and Carried.

Good of the Legion:

Reminder of the Oratorical Contest: 5 Contestants.

  • Jackson Semi Jackson Post 29 January 11th .
  • Next is Hastings Semi Jan 18th Hastings at Post 45.
  • Buchanan Semi Jan 25th at Post 51 and
  • Final is at Hastings Post 45 Feb 1st.

After Closing Prayer, Meeting Adjourned at 14:29 hours.

Respectfully Yours Jim Jennings Adjutant
Third District Meeting Minutes Dated Jan 5th 2020

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