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Department, of, Michigan

3rd District Association



Post Commander:  Dennis Niner (517) 607-8471
1st Vice Commander: Ken Billings (517) 439-1913
2nd Vice Commander: Open
Adjutant: Dennis Froust (517) 437-2876
Sgt. At Arms William White "Bill" (517) 357-4303
Chaplain: Ernest Saxton (517) 439-1479
Past Commander: Gene Denning (517) 523-2066

Meetings 2nd Monday of the Month 7:00 PM

House Comm
Sid Michael
William White
Anna Kneip
Bob Weber
Floyd Webb
Greg Smith
Gene Denning

Meetings 2nd Monday of the Month 6:00 PM

Ladies Auxiliary Officers
President: Nancy Hinkle
1st Vice president: Anna Kneip
2nd Vice president: Elaine Landers
Secretary: June Beagle
Treasurer: Connie McDowell
Sgt. At Arms: Laura Carter
Chaplain: Cindy Hubbell

Meetings 3rd Monday of the Month at 6:00 PM

Sons of the Legion Officers
Commander: Randy Bratton
1st Vice Comm: Heath Hodgson
Adjutant: Dennis Rupert
Chaplain: Jack Kenny

Meetings the 1st Monday of the month 6:00 PM

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