3rd District Association

 I will be adding the history of each Post, ALA, SAL, & ALR in 3rd District.  If your Post is not listed and you have some information regarding your Post namesake or the 1st Officers, the charter date, photos of important people involved in the Legacy of your Post, please send anything you have to SonjaPatrick.Post298@gmail.com or MichiganLegionDistrict3@gmail.com


Early History of Stanley E. Lamb Post #79


Interest in the American Legion as far as the city of Marshall is concerned was first introduced on August 12th, 1919, the date of the Home Coming Celebration extended to the returned Soldiers, Sailors and Marines by the city of Marshall.

On that date, Mr. Benjamin Bellows, who made a speech in the absence of Major Gansser, took up the matter of the American Legion with Mr. E.B. More of this city in an attempt to get a Marshall Post started. Later on Dr. Nelson Abbott became interested and wrote for literature pertaining to the subject. 

A few interested parties finally announced a public meeting to be held Thursday, Sept. 26th, 1919 at G.A.R. hall. A fair representation of ex-soldiers, sailors and marines were present and the application for a charter was signed by 35.

Note: Application for Marshall Post of American Legion bears the date of August 12th, 1919 – Charter bears date of August 18th, 1919.

A second meeting was held on a Sunday afternoon, September 28th, 1919, at 3:00 pm at the Chevrolet Motor Car Co. Sales Room at which place officers were elected, Post named, by-laws adopted, dues decided on, etc.


Officers elected as follows:


The Post unanimously decided to be named Stanley E. Lamb Post (it appears there was an error made at the time as the correct name is E. Stanley Lamb, however, it was written Stanley E. Lamb and it is so written on all the documents and on the colors) after the first Marshall youth to give up he life serving his country.

Dues were made $2.00 per year. The necessary records and funds were mailed to the State Office to reach there prior to October 1st, 1919 making Stanley E. Lamb Post full-fledged and active.

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