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731 N Clinton Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Grand Ledge, Post-48 "Home of the 3rd District"


                                        3rd District Association- Distinguished Service Awards

Since January 2012, the 3rd District has presented nearly 100 awards to distinguished members for their committment to the American Legion Mission. Commander Dan Osborne (2017-2018) will continue this great tradition of recognizing members who go above and beyond the duties of their positions.

January 5, 2012- Award presented at regular 3rd District Meeting

Post No. 298 Honor Guard Unit

October 20, 2012- Awards presented during a dinner at Cimax-Scotts Post 465, Home of the 3rd District

Craig Miller, Disttinguished Service, Past Commander, Battle Creek Post No. 298

Garry Ritchey, Disttinguished Service, Adjutant, 3rd District Association, Post No. 157

Bob Snow, Distinguished Service, Commander, Jonesville Post No. 195

John Miller, Volunteerism, Battle Creek Post No. 298

Mike Throckmorton, Distinguished Service, Sons of the Legion, Battle Creek Squadron No. 298

Steve Hoffman, Volunteerism, Sons of the Legion, Battle Creek Squadron No. 298

Barbara Lord, Distinguished Service, Past President, Battle Creek Unit No. 298

Nancy Ritchey, Distinguished Service, President, Reading Post No. 260

Alice Grauman, Distinguished Service, President, Climax-Scotts Post No. 465

Karen Miller, Volunteerism, Battle Creek Unit No. 198

Donna Hoffman, Volunteerism, Battle Creek Unit No. 298

Phyllis Throckmorton, Volunteerism, Battle Creek Unit No. 298

Denise B. Scheibler, Volunteerism, former employee, Lounge & Kitchen, Battle Creek Post No. 298

Commander Bob Berger & Post No. 465, Certificate of Appreciation, Cimax-Scotts Post No. 465

May 6, 2012- At the final District meeting which will be held at Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298 in Battle Creek we will be presenting distinguished service awards to individuals within our District who have provided outstanding service to the Post he/she represents. The selections have been completed, and representatives of the Post, Auxiliary, and  Sons of the Legion from Post No. 298 have been selected. A Legion Rider recipient has also been chosen, and that individual will accept on behalf of all  the members of the Riders Unit from Climax-Scotts Post No. 465. All members within the District are urged to attend this meeting at Post No. 298 on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 11:30 A.M.  Jim Carlin, Commander, 3rd District  Association

Since the elections in May 2011, our 3rd District has been off and running with a new, positive, and invigorated attitude in helping our Posts and its members to provide any assistance that may be needed. This site was constructed to follow Department Commander Richard Chatman's ideas on maximizing today's technology in a manner that benefits the Department, Districts, Posts, and our members. We must embrace Internet technology if we are to survive as a professional organization to help our veterans. In just six weeks we have formatted our fledging 3rd District site to what it is today, and there is much more to come in the future.

As part of our effort to recognize dedicated members of the American Legion we plan to present distinguished service awards four times a year. As we commence this new program we will recognize one Post member, and one Auxiliary member for his/her work to the American Legion, our veterans, and the community. The names of candidates will be submitted from the Posts through their appropriate executive board. We also plan in the next few months to include the same recognition for members of the Sons of the Legion, and Legion Riders.

We have determined that two members from Charlotte Post No. 42 will be the honored recipients of the first 3rd District Association, "Distinguished Service Award". The two individuals, Dale Rehard and Inez Kreischer will be recognized at our 3rd District meeting at Post No. 42 in Charlotte on Sunday, September 11, 2011. Be sure to attend the meeting, and enjoy a great luncheon.

Commander Jim Carlin, 3rd District Association~~~

         2nd Vice Commander Dale Rehard, Greenawalt-Flaherty Post No. 42, Charlotte, Michigan

Dale Rehard graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University at the time of tumultuous riots and shootings in 1970. He started his military career in the United States Air Force, and he loved to fly helicopters. He changed his military path to the Army National Guard, and retired with the rank of colonel from the 107th Armed Calvary Division after 30 years of service.  Dale has been married to Molli (his high school sweetheart) for 54 years, and they have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. He worked full-time at Goodyear Tire in Akron, Ohio before relocating his family to Michigan in 1981 to accept a position at Motor Wheel where he was employed until his retirement.  Dale’s interest include fishing, boating and talking politics. He has served the American Legion with distinction at the Post level, and also as a county commander.

         Auxiliary Member Inez Kreischer, Greenawalt-Flaherty Post No. 42, Charlotte, Michigan

Inez Kreischer is a dedicated and very much loved fellow member of the Auxiliary and has been a member of Charlotte Post No. 42 for 26 years, and recently was recognized by her Post as Volunteer of the Year. This was a well deserved award. Inez seems that she just takes the task at hand and handles them without a second thought. You would think that it goes unnoticed but this is not true. Those diligently working towards the successful and positive direction to which Post No. 42 strives for, recognize the value of a member like our Inez. Over the years, she worked at Hoover for 16 yrs, and then when the plant closed she started working at Denzo Manufacturing in Battle Creek where she was employed for 14 years. While working, Inez and her husband Mike (Milo) raised their 2 children, a boy and a girl. After retirement, she began became very active in the Auxiliary by working the bingo kitchens every week, funeral dinners and helping out in all the other functions. Inez and Mike have been married for 42 years. Her hobbies include gardening, spending her very little free time. Inez is an avid gardener, and loves to try out new plants to see what will grow each year. She relaxes by doing the search and find puzzles like the Gardens of Time. She enjoys going along on trips with the Senior Center. The American Legion Auxiliary Unit of Post No. 42 is proud to submit this member for the Distinguished Service Award of the 3rd District.

~~~~~~These two outstanding members of Post No. 42 truly define the objectives of the American Legion at the Post, District, Department, and National level. As noted on each of their awards, their distinguished service includes a lifetime of dedication and commitment to the principles of the American Legion benefiting our community, state, and Nation~~~~~~ ~~~~




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