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Branch, Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale & Kalamazoo Coun, Michigan

3rd District Association, Department of Michigan

The American Legion
Third District Association
September 9th, 2018
Meeting #1 for the 2018-2019 term


Meeting at Pasches by the Lake. Time 1300 hours. Hosted by Post 257. Meeting called to order at 1300 hours by Commander Miller.


After Salute, Pledge and Preamble.


Prayer was led by Chaplain Berger.


Guests Candidates were Skipper Townes and Marilyn Britten. Both presented their qualifications and desires for the positions they are running for.


Roll Call: Present were Commander Duane Miller, 2nd Vice Brian Mohlman, Treasurer Dave Riley, Sergeant-at Arms Sonja Patrick, Chaplain Bob Berger, Judge Advocate Clifford Rose, Legion Rider Liaison Deb Bouffard, Service Officer Jerry Schmidt and Adjutant Jim Jennings. Also present were the County Commanders: Branch Co. Ralph Gottshalk, Calhoun Co. Mike Yost, Eaton Co. Ron Petty, Hillsdale Co. Bob Berger, Kalamazoo Co. Brian Mohlman.


Both Berger and Mohlman are looking for replacements. During the meeting it was agreed that Clifford Rose would replace Bob Berger as Hillsdale County Commander.


John Martin has agreed to stay on as Web Administrator. During the meeting he was called and agreed to this, he was also asked about a FaceBook page. He said he would look into it.


Absent and excused were 1st Vice Dan Osbourne and Historian Joe Underwood.


Posts Present and Number: 36-1, 48-1, 54-1, 55-3, 118-2, 196-2, 207-3, 257-1, 280-1, 298-2, 360-1, 465-2,.


A Quorum was declared.

Financial Officer Report: Riley Reports that after writing five checks his balance is $5694.51. Motion to accept F.O. report as given subject to Audit, seconded and Carried.

Riley also reports that Post 272 owes district dues of $17.00.


County Reports were given and copies are with these minutes if they were furnished.


Service Officer Report by Schmidt. Long Time appeals may take a lot less time. Congress told VA that these appeals are taking too much time. New process called R.A.M.P. Target is 125 days. See your service officer if interested.

Also, Service Officers at each post need to document their time spent helping Veterans and give time spent to their Adjutant so he can put on the CPR. Very important.


DAV is looking for donations for Vans. These Vans transport Vets to appointments.


Legion Riders Report by Deb Bouffard. Riders bring the Legion together. She also resigns as Laision.


Request to have Adjutant send a Thank You to Debbie for all her hard work and dedication.


Clifford Rose has National Cemetery burial forms. VA Form 2016 40-10007.

Clifford also points out that the Directory has not been updated in many years. Adjutant should do this.



Silver Star.

Residents want to help out Jay Wilkerson.

Having Picnic to raise money for his rent for a year.


Post 196 Cross bow Raffle.

Post 257 Rock the Lake for Veterans

Sept. 14th

7-11 pm.

Wilwin Lodge


Muskegon Holiday Inn is booked for Fall Conference.

Motion for District to provide $100/day for Commander and 1st Vice (or one other person of Commanders choice) for a maximum of 2 days. Seconded and Carried.


HB 5913 written by Bizon. States, not for profit organizations 501-c19 will now be sales tax exempt. Before just 501-c3&4 were covered. Bill is still in State Congress. Call your Congressmen.


Next Meeting is at Post 36 in Kalamazoo on November 4th, 2018


Respectfully Yours Jim Jennings Adjutant

Third District Meeting Minutes Dated September 9th, 2018




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