3rd District Association

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District 3 Association


If you have any information that you would like to see on our website featuring your Post or if there is something incorrect regarding your Post, please call...


You can also email the information to...



You can also attend the District Meeting using your computer or phone.  If you would like to attend please email michiganlegiondistrict3@gmail.com

District Meeting is at 1:00pm on March 7, 2021

Post 257 is hosting - 7475 B Drive N Battle Creek



The American Legion Websites

The American Legion National Headquarters has a Website page established for every program in The American Legion.  Below is a modified version for reaching those programs which you may be interested in:


National Headquarters www.legion.org

Legislative www.legion.org/legislative

Veterans Health Care www.legion.org/veteranshealthcare

Publications www.legion.org/publications

Veteran Caregivers www.caregiver.va.gov

Helping Veterans find work www.legion.org/careers

Operation Comfort Warrior www.legion.org/ocw

National Emergency Fund www.legion.org/nef

American Legion Baseball www.legion.org/baseball

American Legion Program www.legion.org/honor

American Legion Memorials www.legion.org/memorials

Scholarship Program www.legion.org/scholarships

Honor the U. S. Flag www.legion.org/flag

Sons of the Legion www.legion.org/sons

Legion Riders www.legion.org/riders

Centennial www.legion.org/centennial

Legion Membership www.legion.org/membership

Legion Facebook www.legion.org/facebook

Emblem Sales www.emblem.legion.org

Buddy Poppies www.legion.org/poppyday

Education www.legion.org/education

Legion Town www.legiontown.org

Legion Programs www.legion.org/programs

Legion Media www.legion.org/media 

Legion Alliances www.legion.org/alliances

Press Center www.legion.org/presscenter/video

On-Line-Renewals: www.legion.org/renew

Paid-Up-For-Life: www.legion.org/join/pufl

Post History Yearbook: www.legion.org/history

Homeless Veterans: www.legion.org/homelessveterans

Current News:  http://www.burnpit.us